PEACE Programme


The Peace in Europe and Asia through Global Citizenship Education (PEACE) Programme is a trimester secondary school exchange programme between countries in Europe and Asia which is centered on the themes of global and active citizenship education. 

In the three-month exchange programme, students (15-18 years) live with host families, attend school and engage in local community activities while enhancing their knowledge and understanding to become active global citizens. As global citizens, PEACE programme participants advocate peace while they take on independent projects with the theme, ”Global Citizenship in You” (GC in You).

The pilot program launched  in January 2018 and ends with a PEACE Camp which focuses on topics in global citizenship in April 2018.

Established in 2016, the PEACE Programme is administered by the regional umbrella organisations of AFS in Europe and Asia, namely, the European Federation of Intercultural Learning (EFIL) and the AFS Asia Pacific Initiative (AAI), with active involvement of AFS organisations.   

The development of the pilot PEACE programme is a project sponsored by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme. The project is a result of collaborations between AFS organisations in Europe and Asia through seminars, country filed visits and other activities.


We believe that global citizenship education is key in promoting global peace. The PEACE Program therefore focuses on educating its participants, volunteers and schools in:

  • Gaining a wider concept of citizenship

  • Appreciating global diversity

  • Being a global citizen 

  • Recognising the importance of intercultural dialogue as an element in promoting peace

  • Implementing global citizenship activities throughout the program and in the future

What is EFIL?

The European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) is the umbrella organization of 28 AFS Organizations in Europe.  AFS (formerly American Field Service) is a non-profit volunteer based educational organization offering educational exchanges for young people around the world. The Members of EFIL are voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organizations providing intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world, and to act as responsible global citizens.



AAI was first known as AILA (Asia Intercultural LearningAssociation) and was formed in 1991 with 5 AFS Partnersnamely: AFS Hong Kong, AFS Indonesia, AFS Japan, AFSMalaysia and AFS Thailand. In 1998 AFS Australia andNew Zealand joined the group, and was renamed AsiaPacific Initiative (APN). It was named as AFS Asia Initiative(AAI) in 2000 and finally renamed as AFS Asia and thePacific Initiative in 2005.Today, there are 10 partner organizations within AAI.With the aim to provide a regional association amongAFS Partners in Asia, AAI was created to deepen mutualunderstanding and to discuss specific issues of the AsiaPacific region. The 10 AAI Partners are Australia, India,Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, NewZealand, China and Hong Kong.

A partnership between European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL), AAI - Asian Hearts Beating Together & AFS organisations in Europe and Asia 

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