The Peace in Europe and Asia through Global Citizenship Education (PEACE) Programme is a trimester secondary school exchange program between countries in Europe and Asia which is centered on the themes of global and active citizenship education. 

In the three-month exchange programme, students (15-18 years) live with host families, attend school and engage in local community activities while enhancing their knowledge and understanding to become active global citizens. As global citizens, PEACE programme participants advocate peace while they take on independent projects with the theme, ”Global Citizenship in You” (GC in You). Participants also take on Active Projects which involve a minimum of 10 hours of community service of their choice  during their exchange

To take part in this programme, please contact us or the AFS organisation in your country.


Do you want to become a participant of the PEACE Program?

Contact the AFS organisation in your country!


Join the PEACE Program as a volunteer!


Enhance your school's learning by hosting or sending a student on the PEACE Program.

host family

Host a PEACE student for three months and have an intercultural experience for your whole family. Contact the AFS organisation in your country!

Follow @afspeaceprogram on instagram for more updates!

A partnership between European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL), AAI - Asian Hearts Beating Together & AFS organisations in Europe and Asia 

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